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Been looking for a multifandom superhero roleplay to get your Spider on? Of course you haven't. Spider's not a goddamn superfreak.

But. What if he could be?

Go on. Humour me. Read up. Bring us some crazy.

Mods, sorry if this is an inappropriate post - feel free to delete. <3

You come to on a glowing platform, with Iron Man staring you down. He welcomes you to The City and hands you your registration papers, metahuman license and communicator. You can be part of a team or just a vigilante, but either way you're expected to help clean up the City. Of course, once his attention is on something else, there's not much stopping you from adding to the chaos...

Welcome to Cape & Cowl, a Mutlifandom Superhero Roleplay.

Your character has been pulled from their world without warning by Iron Man's new Porter, designed specifically to draw in superheros. And if you aren't one? It conveniently outfits you with a superpower workable with your personality. However, sometimes the Porter fritzes out and gives you a completely useless power... Well, you'll still be expected to help. Really, the Porter is trying to make this easier. If you don't look human (or are dead) you'll get a whole new body, too.

He'll give you a costume and a set of dog tags with your superhero name; this is your hero license. It is your identification to the authorities (namely: him) and acts as the set of keys to your apartment. The MAC (Metahuman Apartment Complex) is lavishly furnished, with hundred of spacious, well kept homes. This is your motivation to stay on his good side, but if you don't care for the house and don't mind living on the run, there's not much to stop you from joining the criminal underworld.

If anyone asks, you're just another human immigrant to a city made up of almost nothing but. You're in a city you're not used to with powers you may not have had before. A secret identity? Pretty much mandatory, unless you're fond of being egged. But don't worry. There are bound to be at least a few friendly faces around.

Join a superteam. Be a vigilante. Forget about crimefighting and work in sales. Try to blow up the moon. It's all up to you. It's not about doing the right thing, it's about trying to get by.

Reserves currently open! Applications open October 6th! Game opens October 10th!


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