The Sniper in Drag (phasmaphobic) wrote in transmetro,
The Sniper in Drag

My Halloween Costume

Guess Who?

I plan on converting these into user icons

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I esp. like the first one.

Happy Halloween!
Nice! Do you have willing assistants?

Deleted comment

I should have phrased it as follows:

"Do you have any lady friends willing to be filthy assistants?"

I had one, alas, no pictures of the girl who played Yelena
badass, man. way to show commitment to the cause by shavin yer chest.

did you solder the glasses frame together, and then paint it, or what?
Yep. The glasses were quite an ordeal, with many complications, but I'm pleased with the final results
BTW I routinely shave my chest for other costumes. The HEAD was the most drastic change for me =)
oh. well, still, right on.
Hot hot hot hot hot HOT.

Nice job. :D
The look, the wardrobe, and the attitude...
Definately one of the better Spiders I've seen.
Thanks! I appreciate the compliment =)
Awesome job... where'd you get the shades to make the recording glasses?
made them from two other pairs soldered in the middle
I mean, where did you get those glasses? I've been searching for someplace to get the cheap shades to do what you did but I've been striking out for a while now.
Oh. That was fairly taxing, but after a few different searches on google and ebay, I lucked out. Found the green lens-frames on Ebay, and the red lens-frames on
Okay.. I was wondering about that.

Again, awesome job on your costume.


10 years ago

I invariably fall head over heels in lust with anybody who dresses as Spider and pulls it off. (editsauce? not me!)
Extremely fucking excellent. Brava!
Now the real challenge is making some Air Jesus shoes, I think.
okay this is oldddd post, but I have to say you are SEXAY as Spider and I'd hit it :D
hahhahahah! What a good end to an awesome evening! What is your name?
Hannah. Glad to make your evening <3
Awesome. Those pics were from Halloween '06. I need to get the copies from the even more awesome costume this year.
What were you this year?


9 years ago


9 years ago